Mastering - Florian Boden

Experience the true potential of your music!

The Online Mastering Studio on the outskirts of Hamburg - Here, international as well as local artists and recording studios find support in the final step of their music production. A modern mastering is the last step to a song that moves us all.

Audio-Mastering Deiner Musik

When looking for a Mastering Engineer, the best thing to do is to send a song to several studios to see which result will most suit your needs. To entrust one's own music to a stranger can be scary. It's a lot easier to find someone you can trust by having different test masters from several engineers. You will notice that customer service and a convincing audio quality come first with me.


Kostenloses Test-Master

For a free test master you send me one of your songs. You will receive a snippet of one minute back. If you want feedback on your mix before mastering, feel free to send me a message. If you like the test master, you can get the complete file against a payment. The normal price for mastering a song is 50$. Of course, you can also easily test with the mix of one of your finished projects, if you like my work, and then engage me for your next song.

Akshay J. alias "MojoJojo":

"Florian was successful in achieving the kind of sound I wanted from my master

and did so by maintaining crystal clear communication the whole time.

He is flexible, efficient, polite and technically sound.

I think working with him was one of my best soundbetter experiences.

Looking forward to more work with him!"


"Florian was able to get more out of my music than I could ever imagine.

I was blown away by all the details and extras which he was able to get out of my mix.

My music got more character, warmth and an overall professional sound.

We talked very briefly before I got the test-master back and he absolutely nailed it.

Without having exactly said what I was hoping for, he exceeded my expectations!

You can check my and his master on SoundCloud.

My further releases are not leaving without Florian's "Black Magic"

Thank you so much!"